This fourth issue was released at INVOLVE 2021: Reunion.

Many of us have been asked the question ‘What is Youth Work?’

Sometimes the question is low stakes, from a friend or family member or someone to whom we’ve found ourselves chatting to. But sometimes the answers are crucial – in the context of a role description, applying for funding, educational spaces or in hui with government departments or the media.

In this edition of Kaiparahuarahi we are gifted thoughts from Youth Workers around how they define Youth Work. We would love for you to familiarise yourself with their whakaaro, then have a go at defining Youth Work for yourself. You never know when you will be asked.

Baxter, R, Zintl, J and Hurst, N, eds. (2021). Kaiparahuarahi, Ara Taiohi, Wellington. Volume 1, Number 4.