Mana Taiohi

Mana Taiohi is a principle based framework that informs the way people who work with young people work in Aotearoa.

Mana Taiohi has evolved from the principles of youth development previously expressed in the Youth Development Strategy of Aotearoa (2002). It is informed by the voice of young people and people who work with young people, Aotearoa based literature into positive youth development, and a Te Ao Māori worldview.

Mana Taiohi is not a model of youth development. These principles are interconnected, holistic, and exist in relation to one another. Without any one of them the others are weak.

Jane and Simon introduce how Mana Taiohi was developed and briefly explore the principles.

Ramon Narayan | INVOLVE 2023 Keynote

Ramon Narayan is a Poet, DJ, Youth Worker and facilitator who has worked with young people for the last 22 years. In 2016, he was honoured with a Local Hero award for his work in the community. He is the co-founder of the South Auckland Poets Collective and has served young people in many different capacities from facilitating groups, leading youth advisory and participation processes, mentoring to coordinating events and development youth development tools and models. He is the manager of Action Education. A community organisation which believes creativity and the ability to express who we are is fundamental to our wellbeing. They provide platforms and opportunities for people to connect, reflect and express who they are whilst strengthening community and identity through creative self-expression.

Principles of Mana Taiohi


Mana is the authority we inherit at birth and we accrue over our lifetime. It determines the right of a young person to have agency in their lives and the decisions that affect them. 

Mana is an overarching principle and the following eight principles are in two sequential sections recognising:

  • Firstly, the mana young people have, and
  • Secondly, how a youth development approach enhances what exists.

Check out the individual principle
pages via the links below, and
read more about Mana here

The mana young people have

How youth development can enhance mana

When referencing any visual element of the Mana Taiohi principles please use the following referencing:
Ara Taiohi. (2019). Mana Taiohi  [Digital visualisation of Mana Taiohi]. https://arataiohi.org.nz/mana-taiohi/

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