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The strength of Ara Taiohi comes from our members.

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Together, we create a committed, nationwide movement of people who work with young people. Our collective skills, knowledge, passion and connections will help shape an Aotearoa where young people are valued, included and thrive.

Ara Taiohi’s group membership and personal membership is open to anyone who works with young people in a way that supports their positive youth development.

For the 2023/24 financial year, Ara Taiohi membership update.

This year we are reintroducing fees (at the pre-covid rates!) but are also aware that cost of living increase continues to make fees difficult for many of our members. To address this, we are making it easy for you to ‘opt-out’ of fees moving forward. If you are keen to opt-out of fees, please let us know.

Please note Korowai Tupu fees remain the same.


Group Membership Personal Membership

For professional membership: apply to join Korowai Tupu

Fees and Membership Structure

Fees related to your membership vary according to the size of your organisation or your employment status.
Our group fees are calculated based on the number of FTE people working with young people you employ, however you can name an unlimited number of relational members, who have full access to all membership benefits.

Personal Membership Types Annual Fee

Waged: $80 (plus GST)
Unwaged: $40 (plus GST)

Group Membership Types Annual Fee

Tiny: (1-2 FTE working directly with young people) $100 (plus GST)
Small: (3-7 FTE working directly with young people) $165 (plus GST)
Medium: (8-17 FTE working directly with young people) $385 (plus GST)
Large: (18+ FTE working directly with young people) $550 (plus GST)

Note: Annual renewal date is 1 July for membership fees. Members who join during the year pay a percentage according to a pro-rated payment system until they are aligned with the renewal date.

Group Membership Personal Membership

We provide a nourishing network to embrace and celebrate those who work in youth development and support their growth.

Benefits of Membership

Connected to a national network of people committed to the positive youth development of the young people of Aotearoa

Professional Development opportunities such as access to Code of Ethics, Mana Taiohi and MOSAIC trainings in your region

Contribution to a credible effective voice on policy and legislation that affects the young people and youth development in Aotearoa

Eligibility to apply for Youth Week grants of up to $1,000

Discounts on youth development conferences, (including INVOLVE), fono, hui and Ara Taiohi resources

Access to digital tools to support your mahi, including the Mana Taiohi Self Review Tool and KnowPYD

Regular newsletter and up to date website that will connect you to information on jobs, events, professional development opportunities and networks relevant to youth development

Professional Membership

In addition to Ara Taiohi membership there is Korowai Tupu’s professional membership for those who identify with Youth Work as a profession (voluntary and paid). Membership to Korowai Tupu requires evidence of your knowledge and practice against our nine core competencies.

Become a professional member and take your professional practice to the next level.

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