Through feedback from the sector we have made demonstrating the nine core competencies a requirement for membership for Korowai Tupu and made the levels of years’ experience and qualifications indicators to support the progression to Accredited Member status.

The Core Competencies for Youth Work are:

  1. The context of young people – influences of the world that play a part in shaping young people – global, national, regional, local, family/whānau and human development.
  2. The context of youth work – the history, role, and practice of youth work.
  3. Bicultural partnerships – the values and aspirations of Iwi Māori and non-Māori.
  4. Building connectedness – to build, strengthen or restore a young person’s connectedness to their key social environments.
  5. Building quality relationships – to create a supportive environment, connect and work inclusively with young people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  6. Ensuring the safety and well-being of young people.
  7. Working from a strengths-based approach – to build on strength, respond to need and foster growth.
  8. Facilitating youth participation – actively engaging, involving and empowering young people.
  9. Reflective youth work practitioner – use of self-care, supervision and other tools to ensure your practice is healthy and developing.

In the Korowai Tupu application process you will be asked to use examples of your work with young people, your colleagues, your employer, models/theories of youth development, ethics and professional development – to demonstrate knowledge and practice against the competencies.