Transforming Active Recreation in Aotearoa

Programme Outline

The partnership between Ara Taiohi and Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa was grounded in the principles of  Mana Taiohi. Working together we used the principles as a foundation to develop the Active Recreation for Rangatahi (ARfR) plan 2021 – 2024. 

Ara Taiohi and Sport New Zealand share a deep commitment to supporting the wellbeing of rangatahi in Aotearoa. We know that being physically active, and participating in positive youth development programmes that are informed by Te Ao Māori, increases young people’s wellbeing. The Sport NZ/Ara Taiohi partnership has allowed us to explore the potential of weaving these ingredients together and the positive impact this can have on young people.  

Mana Taiohi Champion Tohu

This tohu, designed by the talented Tokarārangi Poa, reflects the journey that the Champions engage in throughout this mahi, as they grow and learn about the Mana Taiohi kaupapa.  

The eight rākau in the logo represent the eight principles of Mana Taiohi and the taiaha in the middle represents the champions. The rākau and taiaha represent the journey from becoming novices to champions, from wielding rākau to wielding taiaha

Key Learnings

Mana Taiohi Champions

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