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All Korowai Tupu Youth Workers work under the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa New Zealand. The following expectations are a summary of young people’s understanding of these ethical obligations.

What to Expect from Korowai Tupu Youth Workers

Tips of how to do this

Put the young person’s needs first

  • Provide safe spaces
  • Build good relationships with the young person
  • Be honest and fair
  • Keep information confidential and talk with the young person if they need to share any information
  • Respect the young person
  • Have appropriate boundaries
  • Avoid inappropriate behaviour
  • Connect the young person to someone else who can support them if they can’t.

Get informed about issues that affect the young person

  • Explain the young person’s rights and provide a way for them to give feedback
  • Make sure the young person is safe during any programmes or activities.

Be committed to the young person’s environment

  • Value and acknowledge the young person
  • Help them to identify strengths and strategies to deal with challenges
  • Support their social, emotional, mental and physical skill development.

Support the young person to make their own choices

  • Build skills and knowledge to help the young person make good decisions
  • Help the young person decide how to meet challenges.

Help the young person connect to their whānau, family, peers, school, workplace and community

  • Help the young person build stronger connections
  • Avoid undermining positive relationships
  • Acknowledge the importance the young person places on whānau, marae, hapū and iwi.

Be the best youth worker they can be

Got feedback for/about youth workers?

  • Talk to the youth worker about what you are thinking.
  • Talk to someone you feel supported by.
  • Talk to the organisation about how you can give feedback and/or how you could complain about something.
  • Or contact Korowai Tupu at youthwork@arataiohi.org.nz or call us at the office on 04 802 5000.

What’s amazing about your youth worker? Tell us what is awesome about your youth worker and we will pass this on to them and their organisation.


Has something gone wrong? If you want to know about how to complain about your youth worker contact us and we will chat about your options.


How can your youth worker grow and develop? Tell us the things you think your youth worker needs to know about. With your permission we will pass this on to them and their organisation (if needed we will refer you to the complaints process).

Code of Ethics

Our behaviour is guided by our ethics and our ethics are based in our values.

The Code of Ethics provides an agreed set of guidelines for youth work in Aotearoa to ensure that youth work is carried out in a safe, skilled, ethical manner.

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