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Youth Work is more than our work – it’s our way of being. Belonging to a wider whole gives our members strength and pride.


Korowai Tupu is the Professional Association for Youth Work in Aotearoa. We profess to young people, their whānau and the community that we will form genuine relationships that promote positive youth development.

If you believe your work with young people and your ability to advocate for them would be enhanced by having your professional identity recognised, then applying for Korowai Tupu membership is for you.

Youth Work is a unique profession and Aotearoa is a unique nation. As such, youth workers have designed Korowai Tupu to ensure it is inclusive of both voluntary and paid youth workers, formal qualifications, informal training, and values experience in the field.

Become a registered member of your profession and take your professional practice to the next level.

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Being part of Korowai Tupu recognises the mana of Youth Work and youth workers.

Miranda Palmer

Korowai Tupu Member

Korowai Tupu helps me to feel pride in the work I do and makes me feel tuhono to other youth workers.

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Nikki Hurst

Korowai Tupu Member

I believe firmly that young people are incredible and our role as youth workers is simply to provide the glitter.

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Professional status recognising your mana as a youth worker.

Raised profile and valuing of youth work across Aotearoa.

Vehicle to meet requirements of the Vulnerable Children’s Act.

Career Development. Established qualifications, career pathways and professional development opportunities.

Being part of a community of youth workers shaping our profession.

Best Practice. Someone young people can talk to who uses youth work best practice.

Be part of a collective voice for Youth Work and young people in Aotearoa.

Promotes equality in pay and conditions with other professions.

Discounts for conferences and Kaiparahuarahi (our journal), etc.

Quality Standards. Increased consistency, quality and accountability of practice.

As well as these, membership of Korowai Tupu includes all the benefits of Ara Taiohi membership, a membership card and a poster you can share with your young people.

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