The feedback process (including complaints) could include:

As a member of Korowai Tupu you are accountable for your practice. We invite young people and others who engage with you as a youth worker to give us feedback about you.

  • A celebration of your work with young people.
  • Growth feedback supporting your growth and development.
  • A complaint where something has gone wrong.

What happens if someone complains about me to Korowai Tupu?

We have designed a disputes resolution process based on restorative principles consistent with our commitment Te Tiriti o Waitangi. We look to process complaints in a way that upholds and uplifts the mana of all involved.

A summarised version is outlined here – to read the whole process read our Restorative Processes Information Sheet. If you have any questions about the process contact the Korowai Tupu Manager on
All complaints will be received by the Korowai Tupu Manager (the Complaints Officer) who will gather the information necessary to allow the complaint to proceed.

Based on this information the Complaints Officer will triage the complaint to assess whether the complaint can proceed, considering:

  • Is it an employment issue instead of or as well as a professional issue?
  • If the matter is criminal in nature, should the process include the police, or be referred to the police?
  • Any additional advice required (possibly relating to the parties’ culture(s) or context of youth work).
  • Our Restorative Processes Information Sheet outlines the process for each of the possible avenues a complaints might proceed on.

At all stages in the process:

  • The principles of natural justice (good faith, fair process and good reason) will be adhered to.
  • Both parties are entitled to support and representation (including cultural support).
  • There will always be consideration of what other processes or supports may be appropriate for the parties (this includes recognised restorative organisations, the police, other community support groups, supervision, strengths coaching etc.).
  • The principles of the Privacy Act 1993 will be adhered to.