A community-powered report on conversations with 1,000 young people.

This research is intended to have multiple audiences: young people, the youth development sector, policy makers and philanthropic funders.

The nine broad themes that rose to the top from the young people and professionals spoken to in this research are:                          

  1. The young people we spoke to want better, more accessible mental health services, education and support specifically for young people
  2. Young people we spoke to highlighted economic insecurity, unaffordable housing, student debt and insecure low paid work as significant contributors to their anxiety and stress. Many want a kinder, fairer economy and meaningful secure work
  3. Almost half of the young people we surveyed chose “body image” as one of their biggest concerns. We think this should concern us
  4. The young people we engaged want to see an end to oppression of all kinds – no more racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or ableism
  5. The young people we spoke with love Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural environment, and they’re worried we’re not doing enough to protect it or our planet
  6. The young people we spoke to value accessible and affordable education, but they worry they are not being equipped with the life skills and knowledge they need to be flourishing in the 21st century
  7. Young people have grown up in the era of the individual, but the taiohi we spoke to carry an innate desire for community and communal spaces
  8. Young people need more great role models in their community, on TV and in positions of power and leadership
  9. Young people should be taught about how to go about making change in their community and country, and people in positions of power need to get better at listening and being responsive