The Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa New Zealand is designed for youth workers but is relevant to all individuals working with young people and provides guidance to keep workers and the young people they work with safe.

1. Context: An explanation of how the Code of Ethics has been developed to date providing some historical and contemporary context for the Code of Ethics.

2. Clauses: The main document includes the six principles and 28 clauses of the Code of Ethics.

3. Applying Ethics: A practical guide for youth workers and their agencies.

4. References and Appendices: Brief summaries of the documents and other resources referred to in the Context and Clauses sections.

5. At a Glance: A condensed form of the Code of Ethics designed for volunteer youth workers who do not have overall responsibility for youth work programmes. It is anticipated that someone in the organisation will have overall responsibility and that this person will be trained on and have a full knowledge of the Code of Ethics.