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Youth Week


Grant applications open January 25th and close on February 28th at 5pm. Invoices and evaluation forms must be submitted by 5pm June 19th 2022, following the completion of the event within Youthweek (May 7th to 15th 2022).

Thanks to the generosity of Sport NZ and the Ministry of Youth Development, Ara Taiohi offers funding for Youth Week events up to the value of $1,000 + GST, depending on the size and format of the event. 

These funded events should be organised by young New Zealanders to celebrate the talents, passion and success of local young people. Specifically, the events should align to the Youth Week 2022 theme of “Our Voices matter,  and we deserve to be heard”.

Youth Week and it’s culmination of events aim to amplify young people’s valuable contributions to their communities by supporting them to design, deliver and evaluate all aspects of the week. We want Aotearoa to be a country where young people are vibrant and optimistic and are supported and encouraged to take up challenges.

Events should be designed to encourage young people to take on challenges, share ideas and focus on the positive aspects of being young. We identify young people to be those aged between 12 and 24 years old

How to apply for Youthweek funding:

If you are interested in applying for funding to assist your Youth Week event, below is a guide to direct you through the process.

  • Fill in the application form here

Ensure the form is accurately completed, with all information boxes fulfilled where applicable. Only minor details can be amended from your proposal once your application is successful.

You will receive a confirmation email within two working days that the application is being processed.

  • Successful applicants will be notified via email by March 15th, 5pm.

A congratulatory email will be sent, with a Payment and Agreement form requesting details about who will receive the funds.

  • Payment and agreement form to be returned a.s.a.p

Following the return of your payment and agreement form, continual support will be supplied by the Youthweek coordinator leading up to and during Youthweek.

More information:

It can take up to two weeks from the closure of the application period for an event to be approved and your confirmation email to be sent. Funding applications close at 5pm February 28th 2022 and confirmation to be made by 5pm March 15th 2022. If you have not received your email by this time please email youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz.

Points to note

If you have sent your funding application but not received your confirmation email, please be patient. It can take some time for an application to be processed. You should however receive an email within two working days confirming the application is being processed. If it is taking longer than usual or you believe the email may not have been sent, please contact the Youth Week coordinator Steph Walters at youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz and she will assist you.

Funding applications cannot be largely changed once they have been submitted. Minor details can be amended until the end of April, however all amendments must be notified and approved by Ara Taiohi at youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz. The strength of the application is supported by its relevance to the Youthweek theme, the objectives of Youthweek itself, reflection of Mana Taiohi principles, inclusivity and accessibility. It is advised that the details pertaining to these are not amended and removed.

You will need to provide invoices for all costs being covered by a Youthweek grant to youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz by 5pm June 19th 2022. Youth Week is funded by a range of different organisations and we are accountable to these organisations for how the Youth Week Grant Fund is spent. You will need to attach photos or scans of your receipts detailing how you spent the grant. Please note GST cannot be funded so please make sure your invoices show the figure excluding GST. A guide to submitting invoices can be found within the Evaluation form, made available April 15th 2022. Any funding not utilised for the Youth Week event must be returned to Ara Taiohi by June 1st 2022. 
You will also be provided with participant surveys to be distributed and collected at the funded Youthweek event. These must be returned alongside the Youthweek 2022 Evaluation form to youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz by 5pm June 19th 2022. It is important for us to have this information for our accountability to those who fund Youth Week and to help us improve Youth Week in the future. We may use any quotes, images or artwork that you send us on our website, social media and in Youth Week publications. You should ensure you have the consent of those involved before providing this kind of material to us, and that those consenting understand their quotes, images or artwork may be used in this way.

By accepting the grant, you are agreeing to the Ara Taiohi grant process. If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Week coordinator Steph Walters at youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz.

Grant terms and conditions

  1. Your event must happen during Youth Week 2022 (7th -15th of May 2022).
  2. You must complete a Payment and Agreement form with details about who will receive the funds.
  3. You must complete an evaluation form by 19th of June 2022.
  4. You must distribute a participant survey to young people engaged in your event.

All terms and conditions will be sent alongside the payment and agreement form and confirmation email of a grant being accepted. Once completed, the payment and agreement form needs to be signed and a scanned copy sent to youthweek@arataiohi.org.nz

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