We hosted online Zoom sessions where we interviewed authors from Kaiparahuarahi No.2 (Mana Taiohi edition). There are always more ideas bubbling underneath the surface and we are keen to hear what else our authors’ expertise has to offer!

Wow, what a journey! 10 weeks of korero with incredible legends exploring their articles in Kaiparahuarahi, we welcome you to revisit our sessions below!

Check out all of the awesome sessions we’ve had!

  1. Bilal & Te Ao
  2. Hannah, Rod & Sarah – Whai Wāhitanga
  3. Sharon Davis, Manaakitanga 101
  4. Mana, Mauri & Matekino
  5. Youth Week Special with the Classification Office
  6. Jono Harrison and Whanaungatanga
  7. Fati & Hononga
  8. Nikki & Annabel chat about Whakapapa!
  9. Matauranga with Elizabeth and Kelsey

Kōrero Café Sessions:
10: Mana Taiohi with Char and Jane

“Nau mai haere mai! We invite you to come and share space with Char and Jane as we reflect on the journey and the destination… that is Mana Taiohi.”

Read the wonderful article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 here!
Revisit our final session’s recording here!

9: Mātauranga with Elizabeth and Kelsey

In this post-covid world, we are learning ways to adapt our lives into the “new norm.” Join us this week to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your learning on Mātauranga with Drs whaea Elizabeth Kerekere and Kelsey Deane.

“Tēnā tatou katoa e te whānau! It was a HUGE honour to contribute to the mahi that informed Mana Taiohi. We would love for you to join our kōrero on Ngā Tikanga Whānaketanga He Arotake Tuhinga, the mātauranga that helped weave together our new principles of youth development.”

Read the awesome article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.
This awesome session has been recorded for your viewing.

8: Nikki & Annabel chat about Whakapapa!

Join us as we head into the start of winter – the best time to grab a cuppa, put on your warm woolly socks and tune in to hear from these amazing wahine toa in Nikki Hurst and Annabel Prescott.

“Kia ora e te whanau,
Annabel and I were lucky enough to catch up with Zara, Si and Shan over the long weekend to briefly talk about Whakapapa. Such a huge topic and we barely scratched the surface, but so deeply important and close to our hearts. 
Make sure you spot our special guests

Due to clashing schedules, this korero was pre-recorded.

Read the awesome article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.
The recording has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

7: Fati and Hononga

Manuia le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa!

As we navigate our way through Level 2 and the Aotearoa autumn weather, grab a cuppa, put on your warm woolly socks and tune in to the sweet soulful heart that is Fati Tagoai.

“Malō lava Famz, I hope this message finds you well, safe and in good health. I was blessed with the opportunity to provide a perspective on Hononga through our Kaiparahuarahi journal, and now I am humbled to talanoa this perspective orally. In the spirit of Hononga, I would love to ‘connect’ with you all through our Kōrero Cafe.”

Check out the recorded session here.
Read Fati’s article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.

6: Jono and Whanaungatanga

Hear how Jono Harrison of Dannevirke fame, utilised whanaungatanga in a rural context!

Kia ora, I wrote the article on whanaungatanga with the input of the team at TCYS and also some of the amazing rangatahi of Tamaki Nui A Rua.  Join me on Thursday to explore this with me more! – Jono Harrison

Check out Jono’s article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.

5: Youth Week Special with the Classification Office

Hear about the amazing work the Classification Office are doing with their Youth Advisory Panel! Their young people are speaking and they are listening! We’re excited to interview Georgia and Caitlin and the wisdom they have to share!

“Hey, we are Georgia and Caitlin from the Classification Office. We are passionate about getting young people involved in the work we do because they have the energy and ideas to make things better. Our Youth Advisory Panel helps our office respond to media related issues that impact on young people in New Zealand. Come along to Korero cafe to find out more!”

Read the excerpt from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.

The recording is now available!

4: Mana, Mauri & Matekino

Matekino is the kaihautū for Ara Taiohi and a massive voice in the creation of Mana Taiohi. He brings a wealth of knowledge on Mana and Mauri as well as the entirety of Mana Taiohi and how it all fits together. Trust us. This is not a session to be missed!

“Join me as we explore Mana Taiohi in an Ara Taiohi way. Come along and let’s have a chat!”Matekino Marshall

You can read Matekino’s article from Kaiparahuahi No. 2 right here.
You can check out the recording of this kōrero!

3: Manaakitanga 101 with Sharon

Something about Manaakitanga really stirs our wairua and there is no better person to hear about it from than the one and only Sharon Davis. Sharon has been doing youth work in the far north for a lifetime and has story after story about the power of manaaki. We can’t wait to hear more of those stories!

Kia ora whānau, I wrote a little piece in Kaiparahuarahi called Manaakitanga 101. Looking forward to korero, koffee and kake as we explore the awesomeness of Manaakitanga from my experience and from yours.” – Sharon Davis

Check out Sharon’s article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.

Sharon’s Kōrero Café recording has been uploaded!

2: Whai Wāhitanga with Rod, Hannah & Sarah

Rod, Hannah and Sarah are basically part of the furniture at Ara Taiohi. They’re all long-term Youth Work legends with a whole world of expertise to share with us. Together they wrote an incredible article for Kaiparahuarahi that we can’t wait to hear more about!

Rod, Sarah and I are 3 youth workers that love nerding out on Youth Participation. This korero is an opportunity to get a glimpse into the weird and wonderful minds behind our article and how it came to be.” – Hannah Dunlop

You can read their article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 right here.

Check out session 2’s recording here.

1: Bilal & Te Ao

Bilal is a long-time friend of Ara Taiohi and wrote us an excellent article of the place of Te Ao within the Mana Taiohi framework and will be talking about this article his story and how Te Ao fits amidst a COVID-19 context too.

“Kia ora whānau!
Join me on Thursday 16th April as we explore my piece in the second edition of Kaiparahuarahi around the principle of Te Ao. I’m keen to have some in-depth kōrero around our approaches to Te Ao in these times so bring along your suggestions, questions and some kai.”
– Bilal Nasier

Read Bilal’s article from Kaiparahuarahi No. 2 here.

Check out our recording of the session!