• Consider how all staff, youth workers, wider team members, governance, paid staff, and volunteers are able to access the Code. This includes referring to the Code in induction of new team members, and in the organisation’s policies and procedures.
  • Consider how young people, their whānau and the community generally are able to access the Code of Ethics. This includes putting up posters, noting the Code on any enrolment or consent forms, and having full copies of the Code available.


  • Refer to the Code at all stages of recruitment of new team members, including advertising, application forms, job descriptions and employment/volunteer agreements.
  • Include the Code in job interviews by asking both general questions of knowledge, as well as specific questions around ethical dilemmas applicants have faced.
  • Where your organisation has another Code of Ethics/Practice, consideration should be given as to which takes precedence where there is a clash. Please note that any members of Korowai Tupu (the professional association for Youth Work in Aotearoa) are accountable to this Code.


  • Youth workers are given copies of the Code as part of their induction.
  • Youth workers are supported to receive training on the Code (internally and externally).
  • Have regular team discussions around common or challenging ethical issues, using the Code as a framework.
  • It is important to resource youth workers with financial, philosophical and practical support to comply with the Code.
  • Provide for ongoing supervision for youth workers that encourages them to use the Code of Ethics as a framework to discuss challenging ethical situations.


  • The Mana Taiohi Self Review Tool is based on the principles of Mana Taiohi and the Code. It is a tool to support organisations to identify where their practice is strong, and where it needs to develop, including recommendations to support growth.
  • Kaiparahuarahi (the journal for Youth Work in Aotearoa) supports great ethical practice and development, in particular the first issue focuses on ethical Youth Work practice.
  • Membership of Ara Taiohi and/or Korowai Tupu.