Aronga-Taiohi | Youth-Centric

  • Starts wherever young people are at, offering real choices to engage 
  • Strengths-based and mana enhancing 
  • Holistic and developmental 
  • Informal yet professional 
  • Tips the balance of power in young people’s favour. 

Ahurea me te Horopaki | Culture and Context

  • Upholds Te Tiriti o Waitangi 
  • Recognises diverse contexts  
  • Inclusive and equitable 
  • Anti-oppressive, confronting discrimination 
  • Values spirituality and natural environments.

Aro Ki Ngā Hononga | Relationship-Focused

  • Strengthens relationships socioecologically 
  • Creates belonging and positive associations 
  • Fun, dynamic and creative 
  • Long-term and open-ended 
  • Encourages service, volunteerism and generosity to others. 

Te Koha a Te Iwi | Community Contributors

  • Encourages young people as agents of change and navigators of systems 
  • Enables active participation  
  • Facilitates experiential learning 
  • Supports young people to take responsibility 
  • Nurtures citizenship locally and globally.