Mana is the authority we inherit at birth and we accrue over our lifetime

Mana determines the right of a young person to have agency in their lives and the decisions that affect them. Enhancing the mana of young people means recognising what is right with them, as well as the reality of their world. Young people are supported to have a voice, work to their strengths and step into leadership.

Mana atua, mana whenua, mana tangata
Our mana is actualisation, the realisation of our tapu…

All the mana of the human person can be seen as coming from the three sources and is named from those sources – mana whenua from the power of the land, mana tangata from our bond with the people, and mana atua, from our bond with the spiritual powers and ultimately with Io.
(Shirres, 1997) 

Framed within the nine interdependent principles of Mana Taiohi are 24 clauses for practice.  Click through below or via side menu to read through the clauses.