From its conception this process has been pioneered by John Harrington (NYWNA vice-chairperson), whose vision and passion for youth work is inspirational and is respected throughout Aotearoa and beyond.

We want to thank all the youth workers from around Aotearoa who participated in workshops and focus groups on the first edition, and the 28 youth workers (or groups) who submitted written submissions on the Code. Their feedback has been invaluable for the NYWNA as we develop a Code that covers the breadth of youth work and is of practical, day-to-day use.

Acknowledgement goes to Jane Zintl who developed the shape of the second edition with minimal resources. This taonga would not exist without her steadfast commitment.

Chuck Ngaira (Te Aitanga a Hauiti), a youth worker with Te Ora Hou Te Tairawhiti provided the kowhaiwhai design used in the document.

Photos in this edition were donated by the Wellington Boys’ and Girls’ Institute ( The photo on page 40 was provided by Capable NZ. Additional images were generously provided by YCD, Te Ora Hou Aotearoa and Praxis for the first edition, some of which appear within this edition as well.

AHI International ( originally designed the document. The second edition has been designed collaboratively by volunteer youth workers (with thanks to Manu Caddie and David Jackson).

Second edition edited by Gemma Freeman ( Casey James meticulously incorporated these edits late at night, way past his bedtime.