Our Takiwā is a youth-specific, unique data visualisation tool  that enables complex data about young people and services, to be combined and analysed in visually powerful ways. The tool has been built for the sector, by the sector, to support collaboration and enable our members to plan and evaluate more effectively.

Takiwā has been developed through intensive conversations with sector leaders about organisational and sector needs. This analysis has formed the basis of the tool and continues to shape its development.

The tool contains a range of  youth-specific datasets which provide insight into the health and wellbeing of young people in Aotearoa. Our Takiwā creates a holistic picture of the contexts young people and organisations are operating in, at local, regional and national levels and allows for further enquiry and investigation.

The online geographically coded platform allows users to explore datasets (Currently Census (2013, 2006, 2001), NZDep, HNZC, Education Counts and Electoral Commission) at local, regional and national levels to inform decision-making.

Our Takiwā enables the youth sector to gain insights into the health and wellbeing of young people and our sector. It provides a framework for analysing need, understanding sector-wide service provision and identifying opportunities to work together to align services to need. The results open up new conversations about the data we collect about young people and the people who work with them. Most importantly, it allows more strengths-based conversations about young people to occur.