Ara Taiohi has pulled together this list of facilitators to help meet the professional development needs of our sector, and ensure that as many people as possible have access to good youth development information, through the lens of Mana Taiohi and the Code of Ethics.  

Below you will see the profiles of facilitators Ara Taiohi has previously worked with, employed or contracted to deliver Mana Taiohi wānanga or Code of Ethics trainings. Whilst Ara Taiohi has confidence in each person’s understanding of Mana Taiohi and the Code, each facilitator determines the quality of training delivered and can set their own facilitation fees; Ara Taiohi takes no responsibility for the delivery of facilitators.  

As we move to this new way of supporting professional development delivery, the team at Ara Taiohi will be working on new ways to grow the number of facilitators who can deliver this content, and ways for supporting high-quality delivery. If you might be interested in becoming a facilitator on our database, please contact us! We hope to progress this work toward the end of 2023.