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Zara Maslin

Ara Taiohi Role: Korowai Tupu Manager

Youth worker, communicator, trainer, girl boss, animal lover, committed to helping others to help others, mental health advocate and bringer of humour and heart.

One of my favourite youth work stories is when I used to work on a campsite in Australia helping to run activities for young people on camps. One afternoon I was hanging out by a lake running a raft building activity. We were all having a good time until a HUGE SNAKE started angrily speed-slithering it’s slimy snake body right towards me! Y’know that fight or flight thing? Turns out my reaction was to FIGHT! …a snake!! Lucky for all of us, one of the young people was a quality Aussie snake whisperer who knew how to lure the snake away. We were all safe… But that’s why training for youth workers is so important!


Certificate in Youth Work

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