Korowai Tupu Membership Agreement (accredited)

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  • Membership Agreement Form

    Between: Korowai Tupu o Ara Taiohi (“Korowai Tupu”)

    And: The above named (the “Youth Worker”)

    A: Korowai Tupu is a Rōpū of Ara Taiohi, an incorporated society, the peak body for youth development in Aotearoa.
    B: The Youth Worker has applied to and been accepted as an accredited member of Korowai Tupu (which includes membership of Ara Taiohi).

    It is agreed as follows:

    1. The Youth Worker shall pay the annual membership fees to Korowai Tupu.
    2. The Youth Worker has read the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa (“the Code”). The Youth Worker agrees to abide the Code’s terms and conditions, and any policies relating to the Code. The Youth Worker acknowledges the Code and related policies may be amended from time to time, and that any such amendments are binding on the member. Korowai Tupu agrees to take reasonable steps to notify the Youth Worker of any such amendments.
    3. The Youth Worker acknowledges the restorative processes of Korowai Tupu. Where there is a conflict or complaint relating to their membership they will proactively engage with these processes. It is noted that a serious breach of the Code may result in expulsion from Korowai Tupu and Ara Taiohi.
    4. Korowai Tupu agrees to provide reasonable support and training required for the Youth Worker to comply with the Code.
    5. The Youth Worker agrees to participate in transforming practice (professional development) requirements to enhance their youth work practice.

  • Signed on behalf of Korowai Tupu


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  • Please contact youthwork@arataiohi.org.nz urgently if have any queries about the membership agreement.

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