19A Oxford Street, Parkvale, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, 3112


Start 04:00 pm
End 09:30 pm


Manaema Pita
021 087 03394


Tauvalu Takeover

4-5pm Homework and study workshop.
-This is targeted to all youth and parents to understand the importance of eduction and consistency. There will be discussions about positive attitudes towards youth studying and workshop on how to set up study routines. The aim of this part of the programme is to set examples of how much time is needed for positive studying for not just youth but parents to gain understanding.

5-6pm Dinner.
– Healthy dinner whereby youth are encouraged to help participate in the making of the dinner. This allows the youth to get hands-on experience and will discuss the importance of balanced meals. The aim of this is to allow youth to get hands-on experience with healthy food choices for the whole family.

6-7pm Youth presentation on what their career aspirations are and set goals for the next year. Speeches from community youth leaders to encourage youth.
-This activity aims to get the youth thinking about where they want to go and which pathways are available. This allows us to look for resources to be able to guide their passions and opportunity to connect with the local high school or tertiary facilities. This also allows parents to also look into what is required for their children to get where they want.

7-9.30pm Social volleyball competition at Merivale Primary School, water and snacks provided.
– The youth enjoy playing volleyball and have entered multiple volleyball tournaments and have placed in majority of the tournaments they play in. This gives the youth the opportunity to display their talents and train for their next tournament. Invitations to the parents will be extended in the hopes to further encourage parents to allow their youth to participate in extracurricular activities to help with mental wellbeing, organisation and a variety of life skills.

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