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Omaui Leadership Day

Our Omaui Leadership Day is a way to celebrate youth who (selected by schools) have

shown great potential to be leaders of the future or are needing a boost to confidence

when related to leadership. Our event will consist of a bus ride from YMCA South to our

Omaui Camp, where attendees will utilize our camp and natural area to work on ABL

games, including Laser Tag in the bush, Outdoor Mini Golf, and Archery Tag using

resources that the Y will have available. Alongside these activities, there will be the a

challenge in smaller groups to create a functional bridge across a small stream using

natural resources, followed by a leadership workshop indoors after food and beverage has

been provided. This event will be facilitated by the youth development team of the Y,

including our Raise Up crew – a group of youth (12-18) who are voluntarily in Raise Up to

improve leadership skills, work on event management and meet like-minded people

outside of school. This event has been designed by the Raise Up crew when presented

with the Ara Taiohi theme for Youth Week 2023.

We hope that this is a great opportunity for the Raise Up crew to further develop their

leadership skills they have slowly developed over the past couple of years, while giving

them experience with facilitation and event management on a higher level than what is

currently available to them. Alongside this, we believe this a great opportunity to celebrate

youth who are willing to take on a large leadership role, while also appreciating those who

need some confidence within this space. The Omaui Leadership Day will be an

opportunity for these young people to meet others from different schools or programs, to

further develop their skills and confidence in a neutral and exciting area for them.

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