Amanda Gourlay


Move , Connect and Kai

Wellington Early Intervention in Psychosis Service

Private event: We are a youth mental health service and are providing an event for young people within our service with support from Ara Taiohi. Youth week is a great time to be able to reconnect after COVID, move and share the time with Kai .“Move, Connect and Kai” Aim is to bring the young people of our service together to try something new and the opportunity to do this with other young people . Often our young people often find their experience of psychosis can have a very disruptive effect on their lives. This can affect all aspects of their mana, sense of identity, confidence, motivation and fitness and community engagement. The day hopes to provide a change from their usual low key lifestyle, and lots of fun with other young people to participate in an activity and then enjoy a lovely lunch together. This is something they may have not done since coming to our services . For more information please contact us directly.

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