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INVOLVE 2021: Reunion – Our Waka, New Seas


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Monday 9th August


  • Mana Taiohi workshop: This wānanga will be delivered by three members of Rangatahi Regeneration, registrations are now closed
    • Renouf Foyer 2
  • PYDA Hosted by some of our Youth Development Champions this workshop will look at the key outcomes and approaches of the Positive Youth Development Aotearoa framework, registration is essential
    • Lion Harbourview 1

Tuesday 10th August

Pōwhiri (Auditorium)

Keynote 1: Rod Baxter and young people (Auditorium)

Tues 10th Aug 11:15 AM Breakouts:


  • Whai Wāhitanga – keynote sequel
    • Rod Baxter, The Princes Trust New Zealand and Hemi Rangiwhetu Shepherd, Bella Simpson and Fletcher Howell
      • Auditorium
  • Let’s try focus on what I need, not what you want for me
    • Kelsey Deane (Auckland, Aoteaora), Julia Pryce, Gaby Perez Laurent, Mandy Lucci and Addy Hollis (Chicago, USA)
      • Zeal
  • Supporting Aotearoa’s rainbow and takatāpui rangatahi
    • Rosie Leadbitter, InsideOUT and Moira Clunie, Te Ngākau Kahukura
      • Evolve
  • Synergy – project design and community engagement alongside developmental leadership opportunities
    • Eugene Davis, Te Ahurei a Rangatahi
      • Praxis


  • “Been There – young people’s stories”. The value for rangatahi of writing and sharing their story
    • Steve Langley, The Collaborative Trust
      • Lion Harbourview 1
  • Group Facilitation 101
    • Kirsty Pillay-Hansen, KPH Consulting
      • Frank Taplin 1
  • Learning and Development – an update on the Wounded Learner research project
    • Lloyd Martin, Praxis
      • Lion Harbourview 2
  • Pacific Warriors – for attendees who identify as Pasifika to talanoa
    • Daisy Lavea-Timo, Cross Polynate and Simon Mareko, Ara Taiohi
      • Civic Cafe
  • Creating the path for change – new ways to support youth development in schools and more equal outcomes for our young people
    • Aniva Lawrence, Tracey Wihongi, Bridget Farrant, Kate Chitar
      (School Based Health Services Enhancement Partnership: Ministry of Health, SYHPANZ and Malatest International)
      • Renouf 2


  • Wellbeing Snapshot
    • Empowering Individuals Through Hope, Self Determination & Resilience: Cat Webb, Atlas Kenny and Meghan Hall, The Peer Tree
    • Through the Blue and Emotion Regulation training for teachers: Jessica Garisch, Victoria University of Wellington
    • Aunty Dee – a structured problem-solving tool for youth practitioners: Leilani Clarke, Le Va
      • CVent
  • Agents of Change Snapshot
    • Mentoring as a tool for youth activism: Hilary Dutton, University of Canterbury
    • Honest conversation for peace: Tamkeen Saeid, The Peace Foundation
    • Future without violence: Tanya Engineer and Gabrielle Pan, Shakti Youth
      • CVent
  • At the Table Snapshot
    • Expectations to serve and give to others – NZ born Pacific youth
      experiences: Asetoa Sam Pilisi, AUT
    • Future Leaders = Leaders of Now!: Bridget Cassie, Future Leaders, Inspiring Stories
    • Upskilling and growing our youth into leaders: Stefan Speller
      • CVent
  • Mai World – child and youth participation model
    • Noel Woods, Ruby Sands and Peter-Clinton Foaese, Office of the Children’s Commissioner
      • CVent

Tues 10th Aug 2:15 PM Breakouts:


  • Sleepy time with Big Ted – workshop sharing clinical sleep therapy tools
    • Jordan Moss, Zoe Loffhagen, Jay Kiddney and Madi Messenger,
      Youthline Central South Island
      • Auditorium
  • Reducing the harm from drug use: how to have a successful conversation with young people
    • Leah Rothman and Phil Glaser, The New Zealand Drug Foundation
      • Evolve
  • In the Know – Equipping rangatahi to navigate the new porn landscape
    • Jo Robertson, The Light Project
      • Praxis
  • Participation Snapshot
    • Creating a Relational Participatory Space: Eddy Davis-Rae, BGI
    • The Hive: Amplifying youth voice in conversations that matter:
      Eddy Royal and Jēru McDonald-Ness, Curative
      • Zeal


  • Move, speak, spark, connect – Bringing people together with Mixit style creativity
    • Wendy Preston, Munashe Tapfuya, Mu Nyay, Younis Abdallah and
      Oscar Arnold, Mixit
      • Lion Harbourview 1
  • Ka hao te rangatahi – supporting youth to dismantle racism
    • Aidan MacLeod, Jasmine Pai and Jess Jenkins, Race Unity Hui & New Zealand Baha’i Community
      • Lion Harbourview 2
  • Exploring whai wāhitanga – youth participation, power and ethics
    • Hannah Dunlop, Rod Baxter and Sarah Finlay-Robinson
      • Frank Taplin 1
  • Mana Taiohi – expression of the principles of Mana Taiohi through the whakaaro of Rangatahi
    • Christina Leef and Rangatahi Regeneration Navigators, Ara Taiohi
      • Renouf 2


  • Leadership Snapshot
    • Peer Meditation in Aotearoa, New Zealand Schools:
      Christina Barruel, The Peace Foundation
    • Te mata o te kōpeo – Youth as the spearhead of community transformation: Nina Tu’i, New Zealand Baha’i Community
    • The role of student leadership within peer support programs:
      Rebecca McFadgen, Auckland Sexual Health Service
      • CVent
  • Youth Homelessness – sharing the Lifewise model and looking at the philosophy and approach that underpins what they do
    • Aaron Hendry and Samie Burton, Lifewise Youth Housing Service
      • CVent
  • Collaboration Snapshot
    • HTWN Youth Connect – where the Hamilton City youth sector meet: Dujon Cullingford
    • How to develop a network: Paul Thompson, Te Awakairangi Youth Development Network
    • Working together better: Sue Bagshaw, The Youth Hub Trust Te Hurihanga o Rangatahi
      • CVent
  • Meditative Art Therapy – active guided meditation
    • Ilenia Di Nicola and Giulia Mattioli, Art Yoga
      • CVent

Keynote 2: Melinda Webber (Auditorium)

Wednesday 11th August

Keynote 3: Sue Bagshaw and Terryann Clark (Auditorium)

Weds 11th Aug 11:15 AM Breakouts:


  • Justice Panel
    • Judge Walker, Judge Becroft and Clare-Ann Fortune
      • Auditorium
  • Youth Voice Snapshot
    • Establishing a new rangatahi programme in the conservation sector: Cat Ayres, Zealandia
    • Get voices of people like me: Molly Fuauli, Piripi Ropitini, Wiremu Rupapere and Keenan Kaiwai, ECCT Rangatahi
    • Young people listening to young people: Ella Kirby and young people, Kāpiti Coast Youth Council
      • Zeal
  • Youth 19 data dissection
    • Terry Fleming and Kylie Sutcliffe, Victoria University of Wellington
      • Evolve
  • Youth Advisory Panel 101 – implementing a Panel that discusses media harms and their impacts on rangatahi
    • Caitlin Wimsett and Georgia Davidson, Classification Office
      • Praxis


  • Te Kete Aronui – exploring entrepreneurship
    • Rod Baxter, The Princes Trust New Zealand and
      Quaid Martin-Laumatia and Richard Bell, Ministry of Youth Development
      • Lion Harbourview 1
  • “So what?” – A workshop to learn and practice facilitation skills that will allow you to help young people reflect, learn and grow from their experiences
    • Anneke Beardsley and Dave Moss, Adventure Specialities Trust
      • Lion Harbourview 2
  • We’re stronger together – How to nurture youth-whānau-mentor partnerships in youth mentoring relationships
    • Pat Bullen, University of Auckland and Dave Robertson, Upside Youth Mentoring
      • Renouf 2
  • Alternative education and youth development in Aotearoa: a resource for educators
    • Judy Bruce and Lloyd Martin
      • Frank Taplin 1
  • The path for change – new ways to support youth development in schools and more equal outcomes for our young people
    • Tim Rowland and Carel Smith, School Based Health Services Enhancements Partnership
      • Frank Taplin 2
  • Ngā Kaihoe – a rōpū of Māori who work with and serve rangatahi
    • Anaru Te Rangi, Ara Taiohi
      • Civic Cafe


  • Research Snapshot
    • Thriving Rangatahi Data Explorer: A tool for Community Organisations: Kirstin Te Wao and Ben Ritchie, Vodafone New Zealand Foundation
    • Youth Engagement Strategy Research Findings: Sakhr Munassar, New Zealand Red Cross
    • Young people’s experiences as they leave Oranga Tamariki – 1st insights from the Ngā Haerenga Youth Transition Journeys
      • CVent
  • Youth Work Snapshot
    • A collaborative plan to enhance the mana of young people through physical activity: Fran McEwen, Sport New Zealand Ihi Aotearoa
    • How far are we allowed to dream? – Mr. S.H 18yrs (Feedback received, 2019): Stevie-Jean Gear
    • Upholding the mana of YW in OT: Oriwa Edwards, Melissa Martin, Ielua Jr Taula, Oranga Tamariki
      • CVent
  • Creativity Snapshot
    • Unfold for stories untold. An innovative approach to rangatahi wellbeing: Eddy Royal and Jēru McDonald-Ness, Curative
    • Wellbeing through Youth Arts – A call for creative equity: Zak Devey, Youth Arts New Zealand
    • Social Enterprise – a journey towards becoming financially sustainable in our youth work practice: Paul Thompson and Rosie Bartley, Kickstart
      • CVent
  • Culturally responsive, sustaining and safe youth mentoring – Tapping into ancestral knowledge and practice
    • Yvonne Ualesi, University of Auckland
      • CVent

Weds 11th Aug 2:15 PM Breakouts:


  • Distance travelled youth development evaluation workshop
    • Adam Brown-Rigg, Chelsey Harnell and Morgana Murdoch, YMCANZ
      • Auditorium

  • Challenges Snapshot
    • Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care: Loren Savage
    • Bored of Boards: Joshua Peauafi, Ministry of Social Development
    • Problem Gambling and the effects on youth: Morgan Jean-Butler, Problem Gambling Foundation
      • Zeal
  • Our lives: exploring the history and implementation of the enabling good lives principles
    • Shane McInroe, Enabling Good Lives
      • Evolve
  • Hidden in plain sight: commercial sexual exploitation of children
    • Natalie Thorburn and Sandy Thompson, ECPAT Child Alert
      • Praxis


  • Navigating Voices – spoken word experiential workshop
    • Talia Stanley, Manaia Tuwhare-Hoani, Ken Arkind and Ramon Narayan, Action Education
      • Lion Harbourview 1
  • Youth ‘19 Perspectives Snapshot
    • A young person’s psychological wellbeing influences their ability to flourish and thrive in their school and the wider community: Maggie Shippam
    • Youth ’19 data for NEETs: Kirsty Pillay-Hansen and Terryann Clark
    • Youth voices in the survey: Kylie Sutcliffe
      • Lion Harbourview 2
  • Youth Work and mental health in Aotearoa, New Zealand: a snapshot of our work and workforce
    • Andrew Sutherland, Live For Tomorrow
      • Frank Taplin 1
  • Transforming Volunteering – findings from consulting with NZ Red Cross and community volunteers
    • Erica Herron, New Zealand Red Cross
      • Frank Taplin 2
  • Ensuring climate justice tomorrow for the rangatahi of today – Youth development and climate action
    • Michael Brenndorfer, India Logan-Riley and Summer Rangimaarie
      • Civic Cafe
  • I AM – Strengthening self-worth through cultural identity
    • Marina Alefosio and Dr Max Maiava, Le Va
      • Renouf 2


  • Deep Conversation Snapshot
    • Silently disengaged youth: Julie Moore, Graeme Dingle Foundation
    • Grief comes in many shapes and sizes: Shannan King
    • Young Adult Framework for U25s in Corrections: Ashley Shearer and Ryan Mckay, Department of Corrections
      • CVent
  • Youth Health Snapshot
    • Navigating the Journey. Ka puawai, ka hiki ki te haere: a blossoming takes place, a journey is set out on: Alex Michel-Smith, Family Planning
    • Supporting school nurses to provide accessible and equitable health care for young people in secondary schools: Heather Laxon, Counties Manakau DHB
    • Taking it to the Community – Easier access for young people to LARCs, other contraception and sexual health: Kerrie Sawley, Counties Manakau DH
      • CVent
  • Resourcing Wellness Snapshot 
    • Breaking down the norms that accept bullying- findings from our action research: Karla Sanders, Sticks n Stones
    • Building Empathy Through Immersive Experiences: Phil Glaser, The New Zealand Drug Foundation
    • Research and Resources: understanding psychological wellbeing for migrant and refugee youth in New Zealand:
      Niusha Aryan, Victoria University of Wellington
      • CVent

Keynote 4: Eruera Tarena and Madison Simons (Auditorium)

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