217 Commerce Street , Frankton, Hamilton , Waikato, 3204


Sopo Fuifui
021 026 67157


Ignite your fire and lead the way

Our event will run for at least 3 hours max.
With as many youth possible.
Depending on the amount of youth that turns up.

We will start with some 1 ice breakers then move on to teams and do some team building activities lead by a youth chosen by each team. (They will also be encourage to name their team with a name they use to describe a good/effective leader)

Then we will wrap up by splitting into 5 sections lead by a youth with great skills or talents they have and each group will learn from these 5 sections.

1) Rugby skills (a young member of our very own youth who plays for Old Boys under 21s)

2) Island dancing (Youth who currently teaches island dances in youth groups)

3) Boys slap dance (FAATAUPATI) A taste of Samoa dancing

4) Sushi making. (We know that at least 90% of youth enjoy sushi. 1 of our youth members will show each group how to make good sushi’s) encourages young people to learn the valuable skills of cooking.

5) Music floor. (Many of our youth are musically gifted. And they would love to pass on their knowledge as well as invite anyone with passion for music to take on the stage)

Then we will finish with some spot prizes and giveaways & survey

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