Abuse in Care Royal Commission: Submissions

The Abuse in Care Royal Commission is calling for submissions on potential changes to redress schemes in Aotearoa New Zealand for survivors of abuse in care and wants to hear from Rangatahi and those that support them.

Redress refers to actions that set right, remedy or provide reparations (assistance) for harms or injuries caused by a wrong, such as abuse. Redress can include:

  • Payments of money
  • Physical, emotional, and psychological rehabilitation or other assistance through counselling and other health and social services
  • Acknowledgment of and apology for abuse that occurred
  • Memorials for survivors of abuse
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Taking steps to prevent further abuse

A redress scheme is a way for survivors to make a claim for abuse or neglect without having to go to court. These schemes are sometimes called out-of-court redress schemes.

To find out more or to make a submission please go here.

You can answer as little or as many questions as you like or have time for. If you need support or have question about making a submission please reach out to:

Ana Lee, Senior Community Engagement Advisor from the Royal Commission at ana.lee@abuseincare.org.nz or phone 027 223 1193.

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