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Jack Trolove

Ara Taiohi Role: Strategic Lead, Te Ngākau Kahukura

Creative, Rainbow warrior (lol), excited, exhausted and hopeful.

I love that in our work with both Ara Taiohi and Te Ngākau Kahukura, we get to think, dream and work strategically and can focus on the big picture –  not just ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff. The bottom of the cliff mahi is crucially important, but I’ve seen and felt so much burnout in that space, so l love getting to be part of organisational bodies that can advocate for proper resourcing and stemming of the problems in the first place. 

I feel crazy excited about the work we’re getting to build right now with Te Ngākau Kahukura! This work has been generations of dreams in the making and it’s finally unfolding now. Te Ngākau Kahukura is a national project we’re setting up alongside loads of Rainbow organisations and youth groups around Aoteaora, to make sure the wider youth sector has access to great information and practice training in this space. We’ll be working alongside youth workers, professionals, services and systems to grow their skills and capacity to support young people who are diverse in terms of their sexualities, gender identities and/or sex characteristics (Rainbow young people). 

It’s a hugely ambitious project – one where we plan to, at a population level, eliminate the distress and suicidality in our communities associated with the discrimination we experience. Watch this space unfold in the most beautiful way!  


Bachelor in Visual Arts, Master in Fine Arts

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