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FreshMoves BOP Dance Festival 2020

Bay of Plenty Dance invites you to enter the 20th annual FreshMoves BOP Dance Festival. The FreshMoves BOP Dance Festival is a non-competitive celebration of dance in our primary schools.

  • School teams of 20–50 Y3–8 students present a 5–7-minute dance based on the festival theme (to be announced at the Festival launch early next year)
  • Students lead the creative process using the STRANDS and ELEMENTS of dance as per the School Curriculum
  • The focus is dance; props are to be kept at a minimum, no sets, no signs, no pre-recorded voices
  • Each school team rehearses, observes and supports other students during the day and performs in the evening for parents and public.
  • The festival is non-competitive, but each team receives verbal feedback from the Panel of Experts and an award of excellence for an element that was particularly effective (e.g. concept, choreography).
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