20. Hiringa | Personal Determination

20.1 Youth workers will support Tangata Whenua to care for their rangatahi.

20.2 Youth workers, with the involvement of appropriate others in the young person’s community, will encourage and enable young people to identify their own strategies to deal with challenges and the direction of their lives.

20.3 If a young person lacks capacity, or is otherwise unable to act with self-determination, there is a responsibility to protect the young person’s rights and welfare.

21. Hakamanatia | Empowerment

21.1 Youth workers, as part of the young person’s wider community, seek to empower young people, ensuring they have a greater say in decisions that affect them and the world around them.

21.2 Youth workers will use their experience and skills to ensure young people are equipped to make positive choices.

21.3 Youth workers encourage young people to exercise genuine power to consider risk, make decisions, follow them through and to take responsibility for their consequences.

21.4 Youth workers will be resourceful in providing opportunities for young people to help shape their lives.